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Not a real post

2008-01-02 08:46:27 by GearType

Yeah just deleted some old submission because I never want to see them again. As for the FIDWTCT ep.2 it's underway but I'm yet to get some vital voice acted lines done from someone, and it may take them alittle longer because I managaed to get them banned from their computer for a week (my bad).


2007-11-07 16:41:00 by GearType

Check list:
Get new opening up and running [x]
Get new voice actors [x]
Make new Backrounds [x]
Add a script (yes writing this time) [x]
Get new chacater desings done [x]
Conque the world [ ]
still working on it


2007-10-13 18:34:33 by GearType

Yep new series I'm starting, check out the test ep.

Ah screw it

2007-08-03 05:18:26 by GearType

well I'm not taking part in the 400,00th submission thing anymore, I got my work cut out on a new project called "Zombeh Invasion". Greatly inspired by Eddsworld "Zombeh Attack" series and the great "Shaun of the Dead" movie.


400,000th submission

2007-08-01 09:47:52 by GearType

Quoted from Mp3 Lock:

Currently at 391,000 we are very close to the grand 400,000 may I remind you that it is a tradition in the locklegion to get EVERY 100,000th submission, and in one way or another we have achieved thus so far. However the 4th try is coming soon so get your game on.

This thread will be updated once we get closer to the goal/onlythingtohappenhereinmonths.


And as such I will be posting a gay shitty LockLegion flash, I am no longer Coke Zero Lock for the record.

400,000th submission